Creation Vs. Evolution & The Puny God

It’s been many years since I’ve given any serious thought to the concept of creation versus the so-called theory of evolution. But lately I have been thinking a lot about that and in particular have been thinking about the conflict that is in the Christian community regarding evolution and creation.


I’ve come to the conclusion, after much thought on this subject, that evolution is not a fact, it is not science, it isn’t even a good theory. My personal belief is that it is a fable.


Let me explain what I mean by a fable. The fable is a story that is told that is deliberately false or improbable. Its sole purpose is to define a moral concept or an understanding of life using animals as characters.


An illustration of a modern-day fable might be a television commercial. Madison Avenue designs TV commercials with a particular emphasis and a particular goal. The whole reason for concocting such a fable in a sixty second segment is to move you towards making a decision to buy a certain product or service. In that 60 seconds your senses are inundated with visual and auditory stimuli that are so orchestrated and designed to give you impressions, emotions and assumptions that will move you to buying the product or service that is being commercialized.


In the same way I believe evolution has been concocted as a fable to bring mankind, through the process of education, to believe in a certain mythical and improbable concept designed to eradicate from their consciousness the idea of supreme being who we are accountable to, known as God.


I don’t believe I’ve ever read anything written by Darwin. But I believe that if I were to examine his writings and his life there would be an underlying animosity towards the thought of the supreme being who we are accountable to known as God. I doubt very much that Darwin was in any sense a devout Christian.


And though Darwinism is self has been discounted by many scientists even scientists who are not believers or Christians, still it is the dominant religious theory of modern-day scientism.


When Christians go to arguing with modern-day secularists regarding the theory of evolution or the fable of evolution as I put it. I believe they start from the wrong place they often start from Scripture. The reason I say that is the wrong places is the secularist has no regard for Scripture and indeed from their perspective should not have any regard for it.


I do not intend to start with Scripture but I do intend to use logic, critical thinking and so-called common sense to argue that evolution is a fable and the concept of an all knowing, all-powerful, creative being called God is far more logical, probable and necessary than evolution could ever possibly be.


Let’s say you accept the so-called theory of evolution as a fact. Then you must admit that Homo sapiens are one of, if not the most highly developed beings on this planet. We, as humans, are highly developed especially when it comes to our intelligence. For instance we may not have the physical prowess of a silverback gorilla, but we can dominate him totally with our technology, because of our superior intellect.


So let us look at this highly developed species and consider the scenario of a woman giving birth to a baby. As this woman is giving birth to her child she’s in a very pristine and clean environment. But upon giving birth to the baby, she dies. How likely is it that this child is going to survive? There’s no mother to feed, nurture, or care for the child. How would it feed itself? How would it survive in a hostile environment? How long would it live?


It is a well known and an established scientific fact that the human species cannot live without water for more than three or four days. How is a baby born, with out a mother to care for it, without any other attendants to care for it, going to survive when it can’t feed itself or get water? There’s no food, no water, no shelter and no companionship. That last point is also important. It’s been well documented in the annals of psychology that a human left all alone for a protracted period of time has a tendency to become maladjusted and or go insane.


Now the story I have just given you is not a fable, it is a scenario that is more than likely going to happen based upon the birth of this hypothetical child and our present understanding of science and physiology.


Yet in the fable called evolution, we are expected to believe that a less developed and inferior entity other than Homo sapiens, could somehow be born, nurture itself, develop, mature and eventually replicate. This is preposterous.


Now let’s look at the problem of a six day creation. A very famous and well known Christian author and spokesperson has gone on record saying, “ any Christian who believes in a literal six-day creation is stupid.” well let’s look at that for a minute.


Since I know this man personally, I know he does believe that God created man. So I have this question. How did Adam appear upon planet Earth? Was he created a fully mature man, and adolescent, or a baby? From the little we do know as revealed in Scripture he was created a fully mature man. This is an assumption on my part based upon the narrative in the book of Genesis. Where you have God giving Adam the job of naming all animals on the planet and also attending to the garden of Eden at some point.


If God created Adam is a fully developed man in a very short period of time why is it that God could not create a universe in only six days? After all if Adam was to be have been given a physical exam it would be assumed he’d gone through the normal process of growth and matured until he was physically able to reproduce, except he probably didn’t have a belly button.


We’re told in the book of Genesis that God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he both man and woman. One of the essential characteristics of God as revealed in the opening verses of the book of Genesis is that he is a creator. Of all the creatures on God’s planet man is the most creative.


We have the ability to create not just things but an entire universe. Don’t jump to a conclusion and think that I’m getting into some kind of woo-woo New Age mysticism, I’m not. Stay with me now, let’s look at this concept of creativity.


I’m a big fan of Agatha Christie and I’ve read many of her novels. I particularly like her character, the Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot. Now when you look at the character of Poirot you find that he has certain odd characteristics and mannerisms. In the development of this character you get a sense of his history that he is a mature man, you don’t know when he was born you don’t know particularly who his father and mother were, but you do have a sense of him having lived for many decades. But this character was only developed in the mind of Ms Christie over a short period of time yet it represents a fully mature man who’s lived for many decades and has history.


If Agatha Christie can develop a character like Poirot in the post world war setting of Great Britain, a country with centuries of history, and do it in a relatively short period of time. Why is it hard to believe that an all-powerful, all-knowing, ever present God could not create the universe in six days or less. In fact my question would be why did He take six days?

By the way, George Lucas created the entire Star Wars Universe in a short period of time as did C.S. Lewis in his Space Trilogy.

As a child I often created an entire war zone of tanks, artillery, soldiers, and airplanes within minutes. What if one of the plastic soldiers were to suddenly be given consciousness and self awareness? Would it not be most likely that that soldier would assume it had taken years if not decades for the country he finds himself it to have been developed? Yet I did it in seconds and I’m not God, not even close.


I would say to this Christian statesman, who thinks that anyone who believes that God created the universe in six literal days is stupid, “you sir have a problem, in the words of the Incredible Hulk your God is a ‘puny god’.”

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